Grace: Take some and pass it on

Ever have a day that feels like it belongs in a heavily scripted reality show?

That is about 60% of my days. Maaaaaybe a smidge closer to 80% on a good day.

Some days I feel like I’m OWNING it. Kids wake up nice, I manage an entire hamper of laundry for 3 humans, read my devotional, feed the baby, AND remember to feed myself.


Some days I feel like it’s Freaky Friday and I’m the kid in Mama’s fabulous body. Everyone watches TV, attempts to recreate every Star Wars battle scene, the dog almost gets lost, the baby screams all day, and then it’s 6 and husband is asking “What do you want to do for dinner”. Bless his heart


Sour Patch


Could we not….


First Born = Well trained 

In these moments… every one of these moment… good and hilarious. Parenthood is the only job you are given without applying or having any previous experience. Motherhood is TOUGH. It can feel lonely, overwhelming, unbelievable at times but the pay off is SO worth it. I think. I hope. We will see 😂
I have been reminded this week that we all need a LOT of grace.

It’s not by my own power that I wake up every day and handle these Minions.

It’s not by my own batteries that I make it through every day.

In those overwhelming moments when I feel like everything is crashing down … I have to remember (and sometimes say out loud) I am a rockstar, I am awesome, I am more than enough.

His grace is more than enough to cover all my shortcomings.

All those times I wasn’t so patient. Those days I give up and say “ice cream for breakfast”.

it is TOTALLY okay to reach out and say “today is rough” to your Village.


So I will power through those days. I’ll hear my friends who are struggling and lift them up. I will practice patience when my children spill an entire canister of grits on the kitchen floor and look at me to clean it up.

Sweeping builds character 😏



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