Ballet Baby 

This morning Little Miss chose “The Ballerina Movie” to watch on Netflix. 

I wasn’t sure she would sit through the entire thing but I picked it anyway. 


All three of my children sat through the ENTIRE documentary about this amazing human being. 

A Ballerina’s Tale. On Netflix forever more. Thankfully taking the place of My Little Ponies. Woooohoooo!!!

Misty Copeland defied all odds to achieve her dreams. Not only did she focus on making her heart happy… she managed to change the conversation and atmosphere in Ballet. 

Sadly there isn’t a lot of information readily available about our pioneers. I had an idea there were ballerinas of color who were given a chance but it’s not something you see consistently. 

I was told my body was built wrong. I would be wonderful if I could be less top heavy. Because that’s my choice said no one ever.  

These last few years have seen an influx of awareness on ballet in our communities. All communities. 

It’s not just the acceptance of EVERY woman thing. It’s a human acceptance thing. I love my art and everyone should be able to express themselves. I want my daughter to know if she’s too short, is well endowed because of her over the top DNA, or manages to be 6’4″; she can be a beautiful swan. 

Today my 4 year old said ” Mama I HAVE to dance”. 

Today I am overjoyed. 

If she decides to never dance after 4, I will be okay. 

I am showing her another side of life. I am showing her that even if you feel alone, there is no way you can’t have your dreams of teaching dance or dancing until you’re 85. 

That’s why I had kids 🙂 



Happy Hearts 

This is our family February 2015  
Last year was the start of our new life. Full time work for me and full time child care for the 3. 

This is our family February 2016 (so far)

 We have much to be thankful for and I have some new hard wear. 

I was resigned to the idea of being a lone wolf. 

Told friends to start collecting for my Cat Lady Starter Kit. No offense to Cat Ladies coupled or single. Long live the Cat Lady. 

Instead of focusing on forcing anything or being miserable in my Singledom, I did the best any human would do….. 

I sought out company of people who were enjoying their lives in various stages. 

What a difference that made! 

No longer did I care about anything else but the best parts of life that I DID have. 

The amazing growth in my children and myself and my relationships. 

Funny how turning the focus inward directly effects the outward. 

Once I finally got to a healthy place, God brought a person who might be more nerdy and baby giraffe-like than yours truly into our lives. 

Super friendship-y stuff ensued. Trust me. It was super. Friendship bracelet status y’all. 

I’ll spare you the mushy, irritating details in hopes to keep you reading 😊 
But this totally happened ….

We are being blessed. 

My focus and obedience has produced truly happy children. They have been blessing everyone around them with their amazing Spirits. 

My ACCEPTANCE that I am not and will not ever be Super Mom has allowed me to minister to fellow Moms and Non Moms. It’s okay not to be okay but still strive to be the best version of yourself. 

This year is a month and a half in and it’s been the best yet. Stay tuned for non annoying posts about how cool the 5 of us +2 fur children are. I promise 😉


Year In Review 

By year I totally mean “October-Decembet in review” 

Let’s be real peeps. 

Made it through the Holidays with my sanity in tact. #win

2015 was a year of firsts for us all. 

First time being a Full Time Working Mama. Which is just as difficult to adjust to as it sounds. 

First time D had to be responsible for Little Brother. Which is also as difficult as it sounds 😉 

First time sharing family time with The Boyfriend AND our families. 

It was NOTHING like the movies y’all. 

No fistfights. No Fire Department called in for crispy dinner. No meltdowns. 

Dare I say it went swimmingly. 

I am beyond thankful that God has blessed us with an amazing environment to grow in. 

We really spread our wings last year. Finding new ways to discover our place on this planet and our identity in Him. 

It was difficult but not inpossible. 

I am ready for 2016!