Family Vacation. 2016 Style.

I am not an outdoors kinda gal but man do I love being hidden among the trees. I wanted to take the family up to Northern Arizona and hide out for Christmas. Mr was not having that soooo compromise we went for a weekend in early December.


I was convinced there would be snow. It’s December in Northern Arizona. OF COURSE there would be snow.

And then there was a freak warm-up. Which equals no wintery snowfall for the bunnies. Such is life.

Now I will be completely transparent … before getting married I would not have ever entertained the idea of being outside of the Metro Phoenix Area. I loved the sounds, busyness, and hustle and bustle of life.


Then I 2015 hit me with a ton of bricks and I realized my heart craved wide open spaces (Hey there Dixie Chicks) and air to breathe. I guess it helped that Noah is an outdoor enthusiast lol

Thankfully I was able to find a pseudo cabin (read Wifi and Flat screens) So everyone was happy.

Positive: It was cold enough to save a patch of snow. So at least we (the kids) could get nice and cold 🙂


Ending 2016 the way we started was important to me.

This year was full of curve balls but we are still one.