Last Christmas I made it a point to be present in all of my pictures. 

The result…. a tripod, remote timer, and 300 pictures from Christmas Morning 2015 that are still untouched. 

THIS year I decided I didn’t touch my camera. It sat on it’s little shelf unaffected by being left out of the festivities.  I didn’t take it to any family gatherings, to the dismay of my family members. Oops. 

Whatever space was left on the good old iPhone (can we PUHLEEZE talk about this internal storage issue Apple) was all there was. 

This was our Christmas. I know husband actually said he was glad I wasn’t stressed about the camera. I got to rest and see my kids interact with each other. AND Mama got a nap. 

The captured moments are great. But living behind my camera is getting in the way of being a human. So ending Crazy Train 2016 with a smile in my heart and 3 happy kiddos. 




So here we are. Right back where we started. Or left off. Or whatever. 

Life took a CRAZY turn that nooooo one expected so soon. 

More to come on all that Jazz

But here we are. Family. 

I have been wide awake since 4:45 am on our first family with visions of Sugarplums.

Who am I kidding? 

 No one sleeps in on vacation. I’ve been awake just because I haven’t figured out how to relax. 

At 6:01 I got a knock on my door asking about video games. You can only imagine where they inherited the “early as humanly possible” gene from 😉

Popping in to say “Cheerio. I’m still here with a lot to update” 

Enjoying our time together. 

Now excuse me while I enjoy this garden soaking tub.