Back To School… Again

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiime of the year!


This summer felt so long and drawn out and never-ending and all of the words that describe being with your children in 900 square feet of amazingness.


With the move with question was whether we would be changing schools.

Answer is .. No.

I think it’s really important (especially for Dylan) to have consistency. The Trio have been in a constant state of flux since 2014. I know as an Adult I need some “same” so for sure mini humans need it too…. right?

I figured I would have at least one child that was apprehensive about leaving Mama. ONE child that would cling to my arm fiercely while looking for their safe place. ONE OF MY OFFSPRING that would play into my Mama Bear Ego.

not. a. one.

Eldest Spawn actually disappeared.

Middleborn was embarassed by pictures.

Princess Peach wanted nothing to do with me and just wanted to play.

Le sigh


So here’s to another year of good challenges. Another year of being The World’s Okayest Mom.  Maybe I’ll even join the PTO.

I hear y’all laughing. 

Happy School Days to my fellow parents in the trenches.