And So It Is

Hello there and welcome to the blog.

Introductions…I suppose…

I am a mother to The Trio (boy, boy, girl). They keep me on my toes and continually make me question everything I have ever learned in my years on this little planet.

I am a Photographer. Most definitely not confident enough to toot my horn and add “professional” to that… yet. I will get there as I live and breathe. For now I love catching the kids, the grass after the rain, and the occasional snail in my flower bed.

Dance. As a young girl I could be found in a closet reading entire series of books. It was not out of the ordinary to be put on Book Restriction and locked outside in the *gasp* elements. Ballet was an outlet for the kid who was a baby giraffe in every single sport and broke out in hives when she had to speak to people. Dance led me to teaching in high school, and hopefully to my opening my business. If The Trio will allow it… of course.

Important points:

  • Haven’t met a book, apple pie, or pair of shoes I didn’t like.
  • Unapologetic-ally obsessed with Doctor Who.
  • My love for the good Doctor has put a move to the UK high on my Bucket List (as in Numero Uno)
  • Oily Mama.

This is my fresh start at the ripe age of 28.

Life going forward is not going to be the same for anyone involved BUT I know He is holding my hand and leading me where I need to be.




Enjoy the ride.