This is 30

It happened. 

I left my 20’s behind and walked right into Adulthood. 

My last morning of 29 went like any other day. 

Except for THIS day my children chose to BEHAVE…

Let that sink in

No arguments over what pinks coordinate better. 

No attempts to eat fruit snacks for breakfast.

No meltdowns over the “wrong” belt. 

No staging folks. Scout’s Honor. That is totally legit because I was a Girl Scout.

As I was walking out of the door, feeling pretty smug, it did not dawn on me that it was ME that was different. 

Honestly there is no monumental change that comes with your birthday. Just another day of the year for people to text, call, post on Facebook, fawn all over you, and buy you cake. Who doesn’t like cake?! 

I had MAJOR plans for 30. 

Happily married.

Buy a house. 

Open my business.

Be the poster for “Super Mom and her Amazing Child Prodigies”.


Adorable right?


My Reality

Divorced but Engaged. (Of course that didn’t fit into my “List” )

Apartment Dweller.

Unhappy working in a cubicle.

(Feeling like) Running around like a chicken with my head cut off.



My lesson through our entire transition has been to be content where I am. More on that later.

The different with the last day of 29 was me. I was happy with my life. I knew it wasn’t the end of the line. I knew that I had big plans waiting for me as long as I stayed the course. So the Big 3-0 was not as scary as it was when I was 20. 

30 is a number. 

30 is powerful.

30 is not a death sentence. 

30 is just one more than 29 y’all. 

I promise. 



Walking into the rest of my life in my trusty Chucks and a happy heart. 


Remember Jesus began His ministry when he was about 30….. I am in good company 🙂