Back From Mid Season Hiatus

Hey Y’all!!

Since I am legend in my own mind… and this is OBVIOUSLY a big budget production. Get ready for the recap…

followed by an amazing montage of clips from the season (pre hiatus) and some great tunes by Kansas, Journey, or Styx.

The Brood is back.

This summer I had time to reflect, get to know myself, go out with tons of friends, and just live. it. up.


And then I woke up ūüėČ

I¬†actually spent the time away from the kiddos: going to bed at 9:30 pm (crazy y’all), getting to work 15 minutes early, packing, cleaning, fighting with my new apartment complex, bug dodging, not melting, and being altogether boring.

I believe the reason I had children is because I would be pretty stagnant and boring and well rested without them and their excitement. Definitely thankful that they were able to leave and TOTALLY appreciate all of little only Mom can do.

We did come back with certain undesirable new habits BUT after 4 weeks, my little birds are back in the groove.

The Emperor can relax now.

*Disney Reference. I don’t get out much. Kuzco is my homeboy*

Anywhoodle. We are here. We are adorable. We are ready for cooler temps.

School started, no one cried, and no one got expelled (don’t ask). I am ready to face this school year in our own space and at our¬†own pace. I am ALSO remembering every day that His grace is sufficient. I don’t have Super Mom it in order to be Their Mama Bird.

Let me tell you….

that is an AMAZING place to be.