Moms Week 

The Kid is back in town. 

It’s that time of year. 

When school’s pump kids full of fingerprint and encourage their inner Van Gogh. 

Grandparents are inundated with handmade pots, footprint bouquets, and “Why We Love Grandma/Gigi/Mimi/Nana/Mom Mom” collages. Courtesy of Pinterest. 


This year it is different for me. I am a Full-Time Working Mom, my kids are all in daycare, and I’m single. 

Yes. Single on Mothers Day. 

The silent killer. 

Or so I thought. 

This week I didn’t have the dark feelings of abandoning my children. I did miss out on crafting all week and making it to Mom and Me events at school. 

That’s life. Thanks Blue Eyes. 

Friday I trudged home and was greeted by giggly smiley faces 


Papa had to remind them that they had to wait until Sunday to give me my gifts that little human hands labored over. 

Miss Gia (alter ego alert) was absolutely put out that she would have to share the lollipop her teacher carefully Scotched to her beautiful card. Tough luck kid… The candy is MINE. 

My Spirit was still restless. So at 530 this morning I got up, ran a bath, and prayed. What started out as crying out for peace in my heart turned into a time of true thanksgiving. 

I am so thankful for all of this time we have to grow. 

Thankful for the job I have that is propeling me at lightning speed to my Dream Career. 

Thankful for other working mothers in my life whether their children are grown or in diapers who continue to show me that it is okay. 

As I type this (completely out of the tub because…. A trip to the Apple Store to replace an iPhone that died a slow painful watery death for a blogging mom to get her thoughts is something ain’t NOBODY got time for) my three little birds are playing the tablet right beside me. 

That’s Why I Had Kids.