Melting Season Is Upon Us

School is FINALLY out, my insane commute is DONE, and 10 days in I have already heard the chorus of “Mom I’m bored”.

Guess who doesn’t care….


I am looking forward to Summer this year. No dread. No annoyance. Really anxiety that I won’t share enough quality time with all 3.

We have so much planned AND a move … to places unknown.

So right now in the calm before the tornado hits, the Trio sat quietly playing with Lego and chalk on our 7 x 6 slab of concrete we have been able to call our own.

It’s not a lot. But it’s ours.

It has seen a few angry phone calls.

A couple of Mom escapes.

A lot of drying clothes. Save The Planet. 

A lot of photo shoots. Because it has the best light in our apartment. Obvi

In the middle of all this I “saw” how Miss G has grown. Seeing her everyday I do not see the mini human she is growing to be.

Moms go into Auto Pilot these days.

All of the homework and activities and birthday parties (can a sister get a break with all the partying people?!) and driving all over the planet…. Makes us forget to sit and live our lives.

This is Adele age 5 in a hairs breath. She loves her family. She has a passion for dance I love to see. She is in control of her environment and enjoys pushing the limits.

I love this age … with her…. it was so different with the Bash Bros. Girls are an entirely different species for real y’all.

This Summer I plan to enjoy the little moments, together and separately.

They are only this number for 365 days. My goal is to capture one memory so when I am old and wrinkly I can say “Remember when…” and astound my grandchildren with my Super Hero Memory.








Little Things 

Today I hit another milestone. 

I had the Privlege to spend the morning with 8,000 mini humans high on life. 

Privilege folks. 

I moved to Arizona in 1996 and have NEVER been to the Arizona Museum of Natural History. 

It was loud. 

It was crowded. 

There were 3 schools there at once. 

I had to chaperone 3 boys the same personality as Dylan (think Dug crossed with Dash). 

Buuuuut my little nerd heart swelled seems by my sons face looking at the bones, panning for gold, and seeing lives of Native Americans. 

Confession. Because we’re friends now 

I have NEVER been on a field trip for any of my children. 

First Born has taken the hit the most. I’ve literally been pregnant or nursing EVERY time.

Working in the office didn’t help either. 

Le sigh. 

Since I made the choice to pursue my passion and take back my life….I am thankful for the little things. 

Stepping out of the boat and trusting God has had its challenges BUT there have been so many rewards. 

I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Not once. 

If you happen to be in Good Ol Downtown Mesa PLEASE stop by. This summer we are Musuem Hopping and I cannot wait!! 

 Nerd Moms for the win!!


A Day For Moms

Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!!

The one day of the year when Mothers around the World ask for a collective hour of silence, a solo (uninterrupted trip to the potty), and massive amounts of chocolate. 

The Trio was DETERMINED to make me breakfast in bed. 

That happened. 

Husband remembered my intense love for chocolate strawberries. 

Which I inhaled before I could take a picture. 

I spent my afternoon taking pictures of families at church. Making people stay in line and sign my obsessive sign in sheet. 

Mom stuff y’all. 
Unfortunately the reality is that some Moms didn’t get that. Some Moms had to work. Some Moms don’t have a village to take the gremlins off their hands. Some Moms have partners that are working super hard and don’t get time off. 

I was a “Single Mom” in name only for almost 2 years. I was blessed with my family being in the same house, my church family being a phone call away, and child hood friends to bring me out of my hole. 

Some Moms don’t. 

We all deserve a “Mom Isn’t Here Day”. 

But we deserve this acknowledgement all year. 

So if you see your fellow Mama struggling with a screaming toddler in the store…

Acknowledge The Struggle. 

If you see a Mama with multiples running every which way …

Shoot her a smile. 

We can have more than beautiful flowers, shiny jewelry, and fancy candy. 


It just means WE are our Villiage.