I did it. 

I lost my cool this morning. 

We have been going, going, going, going for the last week. 

More fast food dinners than I’d like to admit. 

More late bedtimes than I’d like to admit. 

The kids are exhausted and moving like molasses EVERY MORNING. 

Today Mount Vesuvius blew. 

Moms understand… Sometimes when get to the point of no return… There is no way to avoid the blow up. Some days when you’re running in 4 hours of sleep because you stayed up doing kaundry, dishes, and wrapping presents… There is nowhere for that emotion to go but OUT. 

I get it. 

I am living it. 

But as I listened to my devotional on the way to school near tears about being late for work…

Firstborn sniffling because he picked the wrong time to ask for snacks for Movie Day and now is learning the consequences of procrastination …

Middle born half asleep in the back….

Youngest child fuming because Mom put on the “wrong pair” of leggings….

I heard this   
And I stopped. 

I DO trust in Him. 

I teach my children to trust in Him. 

But I forget on those days when it is hardest. 

When I can’t see out of my hole in the ground. 

When I can’t breathe under the weight of all my responsibilities as a Single Mother of 3 little unique birds. 

I want that Joy and Peace. I want the confident Hope that no matter God’s got it. 

Fellow Moms (of all capacities) …

We have the power to stop those thoughts and to turn those mornings into something beautiful. 

I choose Life and Joy and Peace in Him. 



Today I made a choice.

Instead of posting the usual happy peppermint stick social media post. 

I took a step back. 

In the back of my mind I heard “for whose glory?” 

Really… Who am I living for? 

If I have been called to lead….If I have been called to guide people to Him….

What purpose is the Disney Main Street facade fulfilling? 

I am human. I have bad days. I have exhausted days. I have amazingly beautiful days that could only come from my Creator. 

That’s real life. 

I pledge to always be truthful.

 I pledge to be real. 

In doing so I ALSO pledge to look at the positive and speak life no matter how hard. 

If this is only read by ONE person. 

Please know…

It is okay to not be okay. 

I promise.