Goodbye Fall

It is finally here. That time when it is socially acceptable to shout from the rooftops, choreograph a musical number, and decorate your abode with a tasteful explosion of tinsel.

It IS the most wonderful time of the year…. trust me I play a Doctor on TV.


My friends and family jokingly (I hope) refer to me as Buddy. At this time my inbox is flooded with amazing pictures and gifs and DIY projects that I can smash to smithereens with my Holiday Enthusiasm.

Sadly, I fear this is the last year First Born will “believe” in the Fat Man or the Elf or the carefully crafted secret notes.

“I am 8 you know” he told me.

Silly Mama. Trix are for kids.

Progress this year…  I did wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to put up said tree.

Progress this year… I put the kids ornaments… wait for it…. ALL AROUND THE TREE.

That is right my friends. No more being relegated to the back where only the walls and occasional spiders can admire you’re craftsmanship. Now you can be seen by the rest of the living room in all of your splendor.

Until January. And then next year the Committee will decide your future.

It’s Life.

Goodbye Fall.

Goodbye difficult months.

Goodbye Autumn Slump.

Hello New.

Hello Winter.

Hello Joy.

We are ready ūüôā



The Patch Without A Pumpkin

There once was a well meaning Mama who spent a lot of time and energy planning the quintessential Fall Trip to the pumpkin patch.

She searched far and wide. Devoted tons of (wo)man hours to researching the perfect one.

Upon reaching said patch however, she realized…..there were no pumpkins.

Alas here is the documentation that I am indeed a Nice Mommy at times.