That Day After Mother’s Day


Sometimes Dads get a bad rap.

Bonus Dads get the shaft as well.

BELIEVE ME being a Mom is a lot of pressure, expectation, and nights up with sick/hungry/ornery kids.

But Dads are up most of those nights… pretending to be sleep…. trying to figure out how to guide the family, feed the family, keep the family alive, and maintain the calm “I got this because I’m a MAN ” exterior.

Noah has done hard things the last 2 years. Personally he has climbed mountains. Emotionally he has traveled galaxies. He smiles more, makes amazing Dad jokes, and truly thinks about his impact on my children. On HIS children.

Here’s to you Dad. Enjoy your mini humans today. Get ready those surprised faces at the handmade cards. Don’t forget to hug your partner because they worked REALLY hard to keep your gifts a secret (read: children who don’t understand the meaning of surprise).
Remember the children go to you because of that awesome level of trust you’ve built AND that universal rule that “What Mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her” 😏


Happy Father’s Day to you my love. You are doing the hard things.



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