Growing Up 

Every morning, Dylan and Christian help in the kitchen. What a difference 9 months makes!  I know Dylan finds the most joy helping me. Well helping anyone for that matter. 


My lightbulb moment came last week when I heard him exclaim in a completely Mom-like and exasperated tone “Can you two just help me… I have so much to do!” Moms don’t usually realize the impression we make on our babies until it smacks you in the face. 


This week I vow to watch my words, watch my frustration, and show joy.  


 Totally why I had kids ūüėŹ



The Time There Was No Bunny 

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!

I was never an Easter Lover as a child. Chocolate melts, Peeps are out year round, AND name me one Easter song.

I’ll wait.

Having a 7 year old in this day and age is a challenge. Kids are growing up faster. Their whimsical imaginations are being stomped out by adults and their peers.

In our house we vaguely allude Se√Īor Bunny. I *begrugedly* bought and watched Hop. Sorry James Marsden even your boyish good looks and charm couldn’t do it.

The Trio DO know about the story of Jesus and his sacrifice. Thank Heavens for Veggie Tales and amazing Children’s Ministry Leaders.

Throughout this transition I have struggled with making sure that I am “out mom” myself. So that they never feel like I abandoned them, or didn’t try hard enough to make things used to be.

With working full time and being responsible for a giant chunk of their existence, it did bring me to the point where I have to decide‚Ķ “Is it the stuff or is it the idea behind it that is important?”

So yesterday I went to the dollar store, I brought basket things with tears in my eyes thinking I wasn’t doing enough. I went to bed praying for strength and favor with my OWN ¬†children.

Adele (3) squealed ¬†“I can’t believe the Easter bunny came! ”

CJ (5) was just excited he got a new car.

Then Dylan (7) looked at me and said “Thank you Mom for getting our Easter baskets.”

I let my kids believe whatever they want to believe ( within reason. there will be no flying anytime soon). Whenever they’re ready to hear the real story and then I’ll tell them . But my oldest son, the one who I swear shares my heart and my brain, knew enough to look at me and say thank you for all the hard work I did.

He told CJ “tell Mom thanks CJ. It was really nice of her to get this stuff for us”

CJ tried go play it off because at 5 he REALLY believed. I told the boys to play along for Adele’s sake.

THATS why I had kids. To remind me how much I matter on this planet. How much my presence here in this time, in this place, is NO coincidence.

God works in amazing ways every day to show me how much I mean to Him. And today I’m thankful for that.