Low key is the way to be. 

Sunday morning we woke up at 530 am, drove to the top of a mountain, got lost, and the 5 of us became a family at sunrise. 
30 minutes later we are as blended as a smooth sans kale of course. 

I bought my dress through Etsy (Iselle Bridal Studio).
Bought some killer monochrome Converse. 

The Mister had been making an origami bouquet but with working 6 days a week and the pesky human need to sleep it wasn’t finished. 

We bought sunflowers at Fry’s. Because last minute = not enough time to complete my paper flower bouquet. And they were still beautiful. 


Middle born saved one for his window. 


  1. Low key = low stress 

2. See Number 1

3. You can actually enjoy the reason you crazy kids decided to get married in the first place….. To BE with each other. Not to show how cool of a party you can throw. 
Granted low key isn’t for everyone. 
Some people (Bridezilla’s and Groomzilla’s alike) enjoy the planning and craziness. 
I. Do. Not. 
Some people have hundreds of loved ones they want to experience their day.  

I did. But mama likes her sanity ūüėČ

Whatever you do, make sure you are happy. Regardless. Some people will be unhappy but the GREAT thing is hurt feelings fade. 
Trust me 


Things I learned from fasting. (And other reasons why I dislike kale)

For the month of February, I participated in a corporate fast.

“Fasting?! Why would you starve yourself?!”

I know I know I thought the same thing.

The Daniel Fast is actually LESS about starving yourself and MORE about clearing out distractions to hear from Him.

Read up on it. Trust me

The Daniel Fast


Now of course I could not possibly go through anything without sharing some amazing things I learned.

Without further ado…

1. I actually DON’T need coffee to function

Let that soak in. The mantra of Moms everywhere ¬†“but first coffee”. My oldest will tell the world the first thing he learned

“don’t bother Mama until 8 am and when she’s had coffee”

Now what I need to function is a good night’s sleep, a list, and my bible.

Sleep. Obvi.

Lists are my way of controlling my life.

My bible reminds me how amazing I really am.

2. I am a better human without distractions. 

During my food fast, I also limited my social media time. Which was DIFFICULT. I never realized how plugged in I had become. I started speaking to people as I walked by them.

Eye contact is ¬†impact full y’all and a dying part of our culture.

Make a choice to make direct eye contact with 10 people you walk by during the day. You’ll thank me later.

3. Kale is gross.

I have had a troubled relationship with kale.


I once mowed a lawn (living in the Mid-West) and dumped the bag on a high wind day.

Personally (it may be different to different pallets) eating kale reminds me of inhaling an entire bag of grass clippings.

4. My children were happier.

The Trio wanted to participate so bad. I wasn’t comfortable with them altering their already limited diet.

Let’s be real kids eat whatever they want. They will outlast us all.¬†

My 3 chose to give up the X Box. Which also included limiting their Netflix/Hulu viewing to “Christian TV ONLY” decided by The Princess herself.

I will not sugarcoat and make believe everything was sunshine and rainbows. BUT they were actually happy. We got to look at each other (eye contact) at dinner, had tickle fights like Ye Olde Days (because Old English makes everything that much funnier), and played with all of the toys they got for Christmas. For once. Kids.

5. I saved money.

Seems like a no brainer right?!

I am an intelligent human being.

Take my word for it.

But realizing how often I gave in to MY impulses… not the days when I was running late from work or we had appointments right after our TWO HOUR commute and needed to Drive It Right On Thru……

The days when I thought “I deserve Sonic” but didn’t¬†do anything but exists.




There you have it.

If you feel led to Fast. I say listen to it.

Listen to your Medical Professional as well. Because let’s face it… I only play a Doctor on TV.

Sooner than later!




I have a rule. 

Well let’s face it I have attempted to make a rule and the kids laughed in the face of danger. 

We all must sleep in our own beds. 

Since The Move Adele had gone from sleeping on her own (starting with Day 1 at home from the hospital. Go me) to being with me for 11 months. 

At 1145 last night The light bulb went off…..Their worlds have changed dramatically in the last 2 years. 

So instead of plopping her back in her bed a million times. Against the advise of the Experts. I watched her little almost 5 year old legs into my bed and hog all of the covers for a night. 

There will be a day that this stops. 

There will be a day when she will want to hide in her bedroom. Hopefully praying or studying. Putting it into existence y’all. 

There will be a day when Mom isn’t the coolest person on the face of this little rock. Even though deep down she knows I am. 

So for now. In this moment I will snuggle and pray away the bad dreams. I will sleep uncomfortably because they aren’t feeling well and Mom’s bed is the Chamber of Secrets. I will not be surprised when Sophia, Elsa, and/or Minnie end up in my face. That happens a lot so I should enjoy it while it lasts. 

This is a lesson for me. 

To enjoy the moment and stop planning (HA) and scheduling and looking forward. 

Little nuggets are it.