The First Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving back in The Desert.

My original plan was to avoid all things happy and love and togetherness.

That didn’t happen!! I mean why would it. It was my idea and 3% of the time…. They never work out.

The kids had a blast. Mom had some Sangria.

It all made me realize that no matter what I have these kids. Even on my worst days, they think I am the best thing since automatic towel dispensers.

I am thankful for THAT.

All that being said…..Next year it is Destination Disney.

The Mouse makes everything better 😉




Today was A day.
Middle Born was a bundle of emotions I didn’t subscribe to at all.

Eldest of The Trio has no outward displays of emotion.
Youngest aka “Boss Lady” is a toddler and still thinks Elsa and Anna of Arendelle are real people. So there’s that…..

Got me thinking… This is exactly what “The Experts” were talking about. The unimaginable effects that this entire transition (that’s what we have branded it in our household) cause in the children and myself.

I am praying for the right way to approach the situation.
Never bad mouth the other party.
Don’t bribe.
No promises you can’t keep.
The list goes on and on.

The only thing I KNOW I can do is snuggle the heck out of him and reiterate that both parental parties adore him and want what is best.

Even if I feel like joining in and crying over a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream.
Not happening for this gal.

Here’s to happy trails… And more pseudo advice from my good friend Google.



Made the big move from The Great State of Texas to Home (Arizona).

A moving truck and 2 cars later, we managed to survive 21.5 hours of Road Trip Bliss with 3 kids and 2 dogs…….

The next time I move it will be in a cozy Boeing while the Pros do all of the hard work, This girl is NOT built for the road that’s for sure.

I have been trying to get back home since we made the collective decision to move to the Midwest almost 4 years ago. It was mostly pushing on my part. Itching for a change. My inner nomad needed a change in scenery, air, food. Subconsciously trying to make something “feel” different. Alas if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

As soon as we drove over the state line I was filled with a joy I can only compare to seeing the face of my (clean) firstborn… that’s an entirely different beast to tackle at a later date 🙂

This little homebody gets what she has yearned for.
A place that feels and smells and looks like HOME.

On the completely other end of the spectrum…. I HATE change.

It makes for a sweaty, stammering, itching to get out of my skin type of sitch.

What a quandary.
Stay the same and be miserable.
Make a change and possible live a life of contentment?

I choose change.



I read somewhere that if a Stay At Home Mother was a salaried position, the pay (and benefits) would astronomical.

Now I don’t feel like my parenting style has garnered me Lebron James numbers but I have earned one thing….. Respect.

Doormat-itis. It’s real because I wrote it lol.

I am learning to raise the standards by which I allow people to treat me, my time, my opinions… You name it!

It is harder than one would think. Especially after functioning at level “selfless” for so many years.

Aretha knew what she was saying.
Someone give that woman a Grammy.
Wait they already have?
Well good. I cosign!

New Boundary: Respect all around. Should be simple.
We shall see.