Take a Deep Breath

This is my life lately.

Baby in his pjs all day, kids making me crazy, and Mom Hat.

June 29th 2018 I am finally able to come up for air.

I’ve spent the last 6 months in the trenches. Fighting for my relationship with my kids.

Fighting for my relationship with my husband.

Fighting to find my way back to my path.

I haven’t answered a lot of phone calls. I’ve missed out on every single Mom Date invitation. We DID make it to one birthday party…. late.

My camera is dusty and neglected. I haven’t felt very excited about anything except “Make it to June”

June came and went …. and I’m still here.

June DID give me what I’ve been praying for… dinner as a family. The kids were thrown off. Noah didn’t know how to just sit. NJ was excited to have everyone looking at him for once.

Today is a take a breath day. For me and you.

It’s a day to realize it’s not a countdown to The End. It is a journey filled with ups and downs, flat tires and hours at Walmart, and late night wrestle sessions.

Our journey has taken us into a new family with a new baby and new job opportunities.

July 1st I’m picking up my camera and taking a picture of the first thing I see (most likely coffee and the eyes of a 15 month old).

July 1st I’m grabbing all the fireworks. Just kidding… some of the fireworks.

July 1st I’m planning to reconnect with my best friend. That guy I said “I Do” to.

July 1st I’m going to call that friend I cancelled on.

Take a deep breath and keep swimming.

It’s not perfect.

It’s life.

I’m here to write another day.

I’ll take it.



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