Summer Is (Almost) Over

Oh Em Gee do I wish my lovely, adorable, non mess making children were back in school this week. Arizona has cuckoo school schedules starting and stopping all over the place … of course mine don’t start for another 8 days.

This summer has been….. well a summer. Every year during the last day of school, I vow to have a “Summer of Fun”. All of the crafts. All of the adventures. All of the trips. All of the Pizza Movie Nights.

This summer we had a newborn, oven like temperatures, and another move (remind me to stop leasing in July).

Birthdays were had. Let me tell you I am DIGGING this minimalist lifestyle. One day, one friend, and one parent. Praise sweet baby Jesus.

We did attempt slime.

We did watch Star Wars.

We did enjoy eachother’s company. For the most part.


We did Summer.

Bring on school!!!!!!!


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