I Did A Thing… 

So you’ve had a baby. 

You enjoy your 48 hours away from your children. You revel in the 24 Hour Bouncing Service (Nurses don’t get the credit they truly deserve). You wake up to HOT food 3 times a day. 

Then it’s time to be released back into the fray. Baby in tow. 

Your looking good on the drive home. Then Day 3 hits. All Hell breaks loose. 

Why did I birth a human?

Why did I leave the hospital?

Why can’t there by lifetime epidurals?

So today on Week 2 Day 2 (as my life has become a weird version of Star Trek) I did a thing. One of the most asinine, odd, and ridiculous things ever designed. 

I took a sitz bath. 


This 2-3 inches of warm water has solved my world problems, made the pain bearable, and renewed my outlook on life. 

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it folks. 


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