Finding Joy.

This one is for the Parent Club.

This Summer has been tumultuous to say the least.

Schedules changed. Plans were WAY different. I have been thrust back into my dual roles of Stay At Home/Working Mom.

Oh yea and I am still technically a Newlywed.

What was he thinking?!

A wonderful friend of mine reached out to me during her own storm and asked that I stand with her in finding Joy Bubbles all around us. It was difficult at first because I just wanted to sit in the bathtub and consume Ben & Jerry’s all day long.

BUT let me tell you… it has been amazing.

As it stands we have 7 days to find a place, move, AND find school for the kiddos. During all of this BOTH of our cars decided to go all Temperamental Teenager on us.

I am finding JOY in this storm. I am rejoicing during this only because I know who is in control.

 My Bubbles

My Trio are safe.

They are happy.

Dylan has started making coffee every single morning. No messes involved at all.

All 3 kids are becoming more self sufficient and I get to enjoy being their Mom instead of their Nanny/Maid/Personal Problem Solver. Although I am super awesome at all of these jobs. 

I am teaching and in love again. With dance, with photography, with life.

I have more friends than  I ever needed.


I challenge you to count your bubbles. During good times and bad. Make it a habit so that when your storms come, you can see the light behind the clouds.




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