Come Back Kid

honestly I have not had the strength to do life.

The pressures of life had dimmed my Light. At one point I wanted to give up my dreams and move back to my emotional prison.

Then a friend re-entered my life. Someone who gets me and moves me and motivates me.

So instead of healing I latched on to that spark. I lost myself in the relationship. I lost myself in my children. AGAIN.

It wasn’t wise. We both joke that God knew what He was doing. Bringing us together at the lowest points in both of our lives.

I feel stronger than I did October 31st. Heck I feel stronger than I did August 1st when my Spirit woke me and demanded action.

I was happy not focusing on my emotions and just being in love and loved in return. But you can’t put a band-aid on a broken arm. You can’t plant a seed in rocky soil and expect an orchard.

I have been forced to step back and reevaluate. God is revealing things. Wonderfully amazing things. But I have to deal and heal with the last 7 years and the last 8 months of transition.



NEW LEAF (again)



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